Thursday, December 17, 2009

That is who HE is!

In two weeks we leave for Kenya, Africa! After much prayer, planning, fundraisers, and excitement, we are ready to ride along on this adventure filled with God's direction and protection. We are so ready to be used as vessels to the children of God who have been abused and neglected. In the last two weeks of preparation, we genuinely seek prayer from family and friends who have encouraged and supported what God is doing through us. Following is a list of some of the specific things we ask you to pray for:

~final preparations prior to departure
~protecting while traveling for all who will be going
~Wisdom as we share God's promises
~peace for families left behind and for those leaving families
~Pray that we completely surrender ourselves to whatever God desires for us while we are ministering
~Please pray for the hearts of the children and staff who will be hearing the truth of God
~protection while we are in Kitale
~pray that we are able to be still and listen to what God wants

Please follow our blog. We will be posting updates and prayer requests as we are able to. I know I have said it more than once, but I can not express just how much it means to me that people have supported Royal Family Kids Camp both financially, and through prayers. This would not be possible without all of you who have contributed in one or both of those ways. I know that God is going to do great things through us. Our prayer is that you will find joy and hope in Christ as well. We know that our ministry starts right outside our front door, and even though we may slip and fall, our hope and confidence is found in Jesus Christ.

"HE caused the lame to walk, HE opened lips to talk, HE is everything and that is who HE is. He calmed the storms at night, HE turned the dark to light. We will not be satisfied until people find out who HE is."

Sunday, November 22, 2009


"Count your blessings with an attitude of gratitude"

Well God, you hit my on the head with a two by four this morning in church! THANK YOU for that! So often I am whine and complain about all the things I do not have personality wise, things for the house, a newer house without a dryer in the middle of my kitchen, a pimple that decides to arrive on a very important day, my hip hurting, and the list goes on! I am selfish!!! How could I in the midst of all the poverty, sickness, pain, and sadness go on and on about my so called terrible life!!! God has given me more than I could have ever imagined and I deserve none of it. Not the hugs, kisses, things, love and affection of the people around me. DO I remember to say thank you to the person who opens the door for me at the store, or mouth thank you to the person who lets me merge in front of them?

I know that I can be so shallow and desire the things that I do not have and for this I am saddened and praying for a new mentality. The ability to know and see just how blessed I am. I want to strive for selflessness and a heart that is pure. I do not want to give into the temptations around me or forget to say thank you for even the smallest little things. My husband works so hard for what we have and for that I know I am blessed, but how often to I whine and complain and make him feel as though he is not doing enough? He works so hard so that I do not have to work, and that I can spend time with Tatum. Do I remember to thank him or do I make him feel insufficiant?

This morning Pastor Welsh spoke about a man who was in a ship wreck. This man swam back and forth from the ship wreck to the shore 17 times each time with a man he had rescued from drowning. The towns people would not let him go back for more as he would surely drown. He suffered from illnesses the rest of his life. Years later on the anniversary of the wreck, a reporter was able to find and speak to this man. The reporter asked the man what he remembered most about that day and he responded by saying that not one of the 17 people he rescued ever said thank you to him!

I want people to remember that I was thankful to them for going out of their way to rescue me, love me, buy me a small gift, encourage me, or hug me when I am down.

Thanksgiving is about more than just the food and people around us. It is about the ability to find a thankful heart in the midst of adversity and to remember that there are those that are worse off than ourselves. Pastor also spoke about Lepers and how they were outcasts in societies. They were considered sinners that God was punishing! Anytime someone without leprosy got close, the lepers had to shout "unclean". How humiliating and lonely! These people never knew the comfort of a hug from a loved one or what it felt like to have someone close to them.

Lord, thank you for what you have given me. My health, you rescued me when I was young, you have given me people who love and care for me, you have given me an amazing little girl and a husband who loves me unconditionally! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Help me to not forget to be grateful!! I pray for others, that they would peel away the negativity and see what they really have been given. I love you and am so thankful to be a part of your Kingdom!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Benefit Concert

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades! Never ending your Glory goes beyond all things. The cry of my heart is to bring you praise from the inside out oh my soul crys out!!!

There is a song written by Hillsong Called "Fire Fall Down". Some of words say this: "Because I know that you're alive, you came to fix my broken life. And I sing to glorify Your holy name, Jesus Christ." I want this to be the cry of peoples heart! To realize that God came to fix our broken lives so that they would be whole, genuine, and full of life becuase He has mended, loved, and pursued us! GOD LOVES US! It is so mind boggling to me to see that in my selfishness he loves me, He WILLINGLY offered the life of His son so that I would, you would not have to carry the burden that a selfish life can bring!
My desire for the kids at the Challenge Farm Orphange would see the glory of God, that they would see the GENUINE heart of God. They the love and grace would be so evident in their lives as they have been given a second chance at a life knowing salvation and what it means to have a relationship with God. No addiction or loss could measure up to the amount of love and healing that can be given when they decide to accept the only One who is perfect and real enough to take those from them!
PLEASE, join me in prayer for the kids of the Challenge Farm, for the kids who have not yet been given the second chance in Kitale, Kenya, and All of Africa. Pray for the people around you who do not know the hope and peace of Christ. Reach out and pray for them, care for them, and be willing to invest and share in their lives. The sermon this morning was on such things. Reaching out.....this has been on my heart for some time and I know that I was solidified in my desire to be genuine and real with people. This is God's desire for us, reaching out to build His kingdom.
Fire fall down on us so that we will never be the same!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heart Sick

Driving to work I hear about 3 different deaths. Two in Wichita, one in Florida. Lives that are taken in a mere second or by the hand of someone who does not know what the salvation of Christ can do in their life. My heart became heavy and sadened by how much I take my own life for granted. The childish facebook updates, to the things I spend my time doing. I was convicted and burdened MORE for the hope and healing of people. So often we judge and are angry at people who take others lives, but in a sense we are responsible, not for their actions but for not stepping out of our comfort zone to just ask someone with GENUINE concern how they are doing, or when we disobey God when we feel that nudging to go and talk to someone in the grocery line. We have a HUGE responsibility as people who have a personal, walking relationship with God. We have been given this gift and need to see reaching out as an opportunity to be a stepping stone to greater things. I want nothing more than to stand on a mountain top and cry tears for these people who do not know God in an intimate way!!

I am challenging myself to step out of my bubble to maybe reach someone's heart that may be lonely, and crying out in pain. I desire to be approachable, genuine, and stepping stone that God uses to bring the comfort for loneliness, and healing from the pain.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My heart has so much to say and yet I can not seem to remember any of it at the moment!

I think most of all, I am amazed by my child and how quickly she has grown and how independant she is at such a young age. She is doing so well and crawling and pulling up on everything! Yesterday I set her in the dining room and ran out to my car and was gone maybe 10 seconds....I come in and she is standing on the bottom step!!!!! I freaked out of course in my head and laughed out loud from sheer shock. She turned and had the biggest grin on her face. Made me want to cry tears of joy, fear, and excitement! Her smile melts my heart and takes the "blues" out of my cloudy days. I could not be more blessed by her presence in my life. I am a firm believer that God's timing is PERFECT and she came to us at the most perfect time. I have to remind myself of this when I am feeling the need to just be able to get up and go but can't or when I have meetings and events that I have a hard time finding someone to watch her. I can not imagine what it would be like to be a single parent, even though I feel that way once in a while when I am feeling sorry for myself!! My heart goes out to all of you who are raising children on your own while trying to provide for your families alone. Lil Jen, Aunt inspire me and make me want to be a better person. You remind me that complaining gets me nowhere. I love you and appreciate your presence in my life!

This week is going to be busy as we prepare for our biggest and final fundraiser! Please keep us in your prayers and as we prepare to make this a great event for everyone that attends. We appreciate those of you who are helping us get things together....the band, and other volunteers are very appreciated. We hope that those of you that attend will be encouraged in your faith and that you will become willing servants of God. Whether your ministry lies right here in Wichita or over seas, our prayer is that people will draw closer to heart of God and to the purpose of life here on earth. We look forward to this time of fellowship!!!!

Benefit Concert and
Silent Auction
October 23, 2009

Asbury Breakthru Campus
2801 W 15th St N
Wichita, KS 67203-1833

We invite you to come enjoy live music and fellowship. Also learn more
about our trip to Africa and Royal Family Kids Camp that we will be doing at
Challenge Farm orphanage
in Kitale, Kenya

Ashley Moore and Brie Wallace

For questions please call 990-8262
or 200-1678
After Party at Mead's Corner

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am really excited about our Fundraiser October 23rd! The last three fundraisers for Africa have been blessing. We will be having a band play and at the end the concert goers will get to enjoy a time of worship! There has been some art work donated and we made up some AWESOME tshirts (designed by my friend Tim Pile) to sell and we will also have the necklaces made by the kids of The Challenge Farm if you were not able to make our jewelry party last weekend. Thank you again for all your support! I am anxious to purchase our tickets and get to AFRICA to see the kids I have fallen in love with! I know that God will provide....He always does!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garage Sale

Well, the sale has been over for several hours and even though there has been a huge amount of disappointment, I am once again reminded of how "my" plans are not my own. I am so easily frustrated and forget that God is in Control and will provide for the vision He has given me. I too quickly run towards all the negatives and forget to give thanks for the blessing. So...with that said, thank you Lord for providing 540 dollars more than we had yesterday!!! We are going to book our tickets this weekend, and will not owe our accounts too much.....this is a huge blessing!

Tatum is absolutely amazing and doing so well. She always amazes me daily!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photography Credits

We have been blessed by great photographers! One being Taci Fast with Milly Rose Photography. She does an amazing job and is one of Tatum's favorite people! She always does great for her. Taci comes to our home and that makes it more comfortable for the little ones. Check out Taci's website:

T&Jstudios took our wedding pictures, which we still enjoy looking at!! (

A Fresh Start

I have finally joined the blogging world and am excited to share moments with family and friends. I have been so blessed in life and easily forget just how much I have been loved, given, and encouraged. I want this blog to be one of praise and thanksgiving for all God has done in my life, Ivan's, Tatum's and the ministries that I am part of. I hope that you are encouraged in your own life and will keep us in your prayers as we strive to be close to Christ and bring others to Him!!! Enjoy!