Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the waiting

Africa presentation is now complete. The things we experienced and held so dear to our hearts have been passed on to family and friends who prayed for us, who gave us money, and who constantly encouraged us before, during and after. A month ago, all we could think about was hopping on a plane with our families and planting ourselves, making comfort sacrifices, and allowing God to use us in any way. Now that we are emotional balanced once again, I find myself with many of the same desires as a month ago, but with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility!

There is one lesson that is clear to me that I have learned through this experience and it is that I do not have to go somewhere far away, I don't have to do something big, or raised tons of money to minister. You say, well duh! But to me this was huge. The moment I arrived home, I was hit with several ministry opportunities in my own family, and to people who I had only met once or not even at all. I believe with all my heart that GOD leads us to places far away because maybe not everyone is comfortable or able to go half way around the world. There ministry is right beside them. For me, I know God wants me to be in Africa for 2 weeks out of the year, but I also came to realize that I had put the people around me on the back burner. My own family members in need of a Savior.....they have hearts just like the African children and the African Children hearts like my family members. It is amazing to me to see God use me both here and in Africa. It is only because I allowed God to show me where I was wrong that I now can see that. I am so excited for all God has for me in Wichita as well as Africa. Both places are in need of a Savior who can heal, hold, and love. Christ is our driver and we are His passengers. Like we blindly trust the pilot or even our selves to drive a car, Christ desires us to have faith in Him, knowing that He knows the route in our journey.

So with this all being said, my heart is still for the children of Challenge Farm, but I feel as though it just got about 2 sizes bigger.

Please keep the kids at Challenge in your prayers. Many of them have run away recently. The spirit of running still remains with many of them. Pray that they would be given wisdom to see the truth and that they would be willing to open their hearts to something greater and fullfilling.