Sunday, November 22, 2009


"Count your blessings with an attitude of gratitude"

Well God, you hit my on the head with a two by four this morning in church! THANK YOU for that! So often I am whine and complain about all the things I do not have personality wise, things for the house, a newer house without a dryer in the middle of my kitchen, a pimple that decides to arrive on a very important day, my hip hurting, and the list goes on! I am selfish!!! How could I in the midst of all the poverty, sickness, pain, and sadness go on and on about my so called terrible life!!! God has given me more than I could have ever imagined and I deserve none of it. Not the hugs, kisses, things, love and affection of the people around me. DO I remember to say thank you to the person who opens the door for me at the store, or mouth thank you to the person who lets me merge in front of them?

I know that I can be so shallow and desire the things that I do not have and for this I am saddened and praying for a new mentality. The ability to know and see just how blessed I am. I want to strive for selflessness and a heart that is pure. I do not want to give into the temptations around me or forget to say thank you for even the smallest little things. My husband works so hard for what we have and for that I know I am blessed, but how often to I whine and complain and make him feel as though he is not doing enough? He works so hard so that I do not have to work, and that I can spend time with Tatum. Do I remember to thank him or do I make him feel insufficiant?

This morning Pastor Welsh spoke about a man who was in a ship wreck. This man swam back and forth from the ship wreck to the shore 17 times each time with a man he had rescued from drowning. The towns people would not let him go back for more as he would surely drown. He suffered from illnesses the rest of his life. Years later on the anniversary of the wreck, a reporter was able to find and speak to this man. The reporter asked the man what he remembered most about that day and he responded by saying that not one of the 17 people he rescued ever said thank you to him!

I want people to remember that I was thankful to them for going out of their way to rescue me, love me, buy me a small gift, encourage me, or hug me when I am down.

Thanksgiving is about more than just the food and people around us. It is about the ability to find a thankful heart in the midst of adversity and to remember that there are those that are worse off than ourselves. Pastor also spoke about Lepers and how they were outcasts in societies. They were considered sinners that God was punishing! Anytime someone without leprosy got close, the lepers had to shout "unclean". How humiliating and lonely! These people never knew the comfort of a hug from a loved one or what it felt like to have someone close to them.

Lord, thank you for what you have given me. My health, you rescued me when I was young, you have given me people who love and care for me, you have given me an amazing little girl and a husband who loves me unconditionally! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Help me to not forget to be grateful!! I pray for others, that they would peel away the negativity and see what they really have been given. I love you and am so thankful to be a part of your Kingdom!