Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heart Sick

Driving to work I hear about 3 different deaths. Two in Wichita, one in Florida. Lives that are taken in a mere second or by the hand of someone who does not know what the salvation of Christ can do in their life. My heart became heavy and sadened by how much I take my own life for granted. The childish facebook updates, to the things I spend my time doing. I was convicted and burdened MORE for the hope and healing of people. So often we judge and are angry at people who take others lives, but in a sense we are responsible, not for their actions but for not stepping out of our comfort zone to just ask someone with GENUINE concern how they are doing, or when we disobey God when we feel that nudging to go and talk to someone in the grocery line. We have a HUGE responsibility as people who have a personal, walking relationship with God. We have been given this gift and need to see reaching out as an opportunity to be a stepping stone to greater things. I want nothing more than to stand on a mountain top and cry tears for these people who do not know God in an intimate way!!

I am challenging myself to step out of my bubble to maybe reach someone's heart that may be lonely, and crying out in pain. I desire to be approachable, genuine, and stepping stone that God uses to bring the comfort for loneliness, and healing from the pain.