Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today was a day of roller coaster emotions. The day started with a 4 hour church service and celebration of the 7 year Challenge Farm anniversary. During the celebration many of the kids got to preform their own music that they wrote. The highschool boys have learned to play the keyboard, but only know how to play using the black keys. They still sound great though! They made all sorts of beats and sang some great music.

Ashley and I were working with the kids and cooks during lunch. Ashley was serving rice in plastic bags for the street kids and I was serving for the Farm kids.Ashley said many of the kids were fighting over the bags of rice. I had the same experience except the Challenge Farm kids were fighting over who they were going to give their extra food to. It was crazy little kids found their way to the table where we were and the farm kids would hand it to them like it was their own brother or sister. We both held many of the babies. And also played around with the 5,6,7 year olds running around laughing together. Even if that is all we could give a couple laughs and some rice. And most of all that we were there on the Lords behalf. Today has been something I can't fully explain or begin to think of how to apply to my Life......... Brielynn

Like Brie, it is hard to explain all that has happened today. In america we hear about all the terrible things that happen to kids and we are sometimes moved, sometimes not and even when we are moved we do nothing about it. Here, the terrible things are out in the open, such as the tiny baby Tracie who came with her young mother to the celebration with a head so burned it was oozing. The hardest thing I have ever seen in my life. This small child evidently in intense pain with a mother who cared more about paying to have her hair done than to take the child for less than a Dollar to the hospital. Our team decided to collect enough money to cover the rest of her treatment. They took her to the hospital and Tracie went through intense treatment. Her mother said that the injury was caused by an oil lamp falling on her head. Absolutely heart wrenching! This shows you how closely children here are watched. 6 year olds are taking care of 2 year olds. Please pray for a quick recovery for baby tracie!

Tomorrow camp starts. Please pray that we continue to connect as a team to work for the Lord. Please pray for the hearts of the team as a couple of them are not saved. This is concern as we are the ones who are to be ministering to the kids. They bless us in ways we do not expect and I know that God has all the members of the team here for a bigger purpose than I can ever begin to imagine!

Pray for the hearts and minds of the kids. They will hear so much about the hope and truth of God and we want nothing more than to plant a seed and then watch them grow into people who love the lord and wand to take His love into their community to raise up a new generation in Africa.

Brie and I miss our husbands and babies and ask for prayer to stay busy and that our boys and girl will stay safe and busy as well. We love you and thank you again for your prayers!

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  1. Oh Tracie will be in my prayers. Thanking God that her mother brought her to CF today in order for God to do His work and care for her. Blessings.